Thursday, July 16, 2015

Leftover birthday cakes

This year there were birthday cakes aplenty when one of us had a recent birthday.  At a party for all the family members with July birthdays - about 6 of them - there was a cake for everybody which meant for a lot of cakes.  We have remnants of two of them today. In addition, while doing a little on call work, coworkers had a little birthday celebration with a lovely cake from a Boston dessert place.  Since there were not enough people to finish that cake we also had those leftovers today.
It's a trio birthday cakes!!
One of the cakes was a standard commercially bought American birthday sheet cake.  Typical butter or shortening frosting, very colorful with candy confetti decoreations, with a chocolate swirl cake.  This one was not the popular one, however.
This is what it looked like.
This is how much we got!
We also had a homemade, made from scratch Black Forest Cake!  A relative couldn't find a bakery to make one so took it upon herself to find a recipe and give it a shot.  The recipe was a good one as this had the requisite chocolate cake with cherries soaked in kirsch and of course the whipped cream frosting.  Decorated on the outside with fresh cherries and shaved chocolate, it tasted great and was the real McCoy.  If this first try so was so successful we can't wait for the next few.

Homemade Black Forest Cake!
This is the piece that we got!
Nice cross section shows that it was the real thing.
The third cake was a Choco Symphony - triple chocolate mousse cake from Finale in Boston.  The cake was quite good.  It had thin layers of buttermilk chocolate cake with three different mousses in between - dark chocolate on the bottom, white chocolate in the middle and milk chocolate on the top.  It was garnished with white chocolate shard on top and a thin straw of dark chocolate. Finale is known for their desserts and this was memorable for sure.  Thanks to the birthday boy for sharing the wealth!!
The one on the left is the Choco Syphony!
It came with a message!
Three types of mousse.....great cake from Finale for the finale!

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